About The Market Fresh Bouquet Concept

We buy in bulk from the flower market what’s freshest that day, and bring the savings back to you. Our market fresh bouquets are the season’s freshest blooms designed in specialty containers just for this unique purpose. The arrangement is constantly changing; it’s available in 3 perfectly-sized options and will have you saying,"why haven’t I done this before?"

The Chick

The small market fresh bouquet “The Chick”

A cheery assortment of today’s freshest blooms craftily arranged for sitting on a small table or desktop. Perfect for those “I’m thinking of you” days!

Priced at $ 45.95


The Hen

The medium market fresh bouquet “The Hen”

There’s nothing average about our “middle child” -this medium assortment of market fresh flowers is showy and fun,sized  perfectly for taking center stage on a table or counter top.

Priced at $ 65.95


The Rooster

The large market fresh bouquet “The Rooster”

This one’s a statement-maker! Our seasonal mix in all it’s glory, the large market fresh bouquet is beautiful, festive and takes up some serious space on your table. It’s just about perfect when you want to take their breath away!

Priced at $ 95.95


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